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In person learning sessions

AWMAC: Taking Your Architectural Woodwork To The Next Level



AWMAC's Free Lunch and Learn Presentation is tailor-made for Architectural & Design firms that specify architectural woodwork for their projects. This one hour presentation gives participants the chance to learn about the standards manual - NAAWS: North American Architectural Woodwork Standards.

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Canada Masonry Design Centre: Intro to Masonry Contracts and Detailing




An introduction to the basics of masonry that will help build/update specifications and general understanding. Also covers some basics of partition wall detailing and the individual components and functions with a masonry veneer cavity wall.

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CEU Event: Cementitious Wood Fiber Ceiling and Wall Solutions

This seminar provides an education on interior cementitious wood fiber ceiling and wall solutions along with its applications. The seminar will discuss the role of cementitious wood fiber specialty solutions in commercial buildings and will evaluate how aesthetic choices interact with performance, safety, and durability in a broad range of standard, custom, and one-of-a-kind design options. Participants will examine key performance attributes including fire performance, acoustics, and sustainability and will be able to recognize how the manufacturing process of cementitious wood fiber panels determines their appearance, performance, and application versality.

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CEU Events: An Introduction to Building Product Transparency

This course is an introduction to building product transparency, which is the practice of disclosing detailed information about products and services, including the raw materials they contain, where they came from, and how they were produced. The course will explore the impact of building materials on the environment, drivers of product transparency, and the different transparency tools such as Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs) and Health Product Declarations (HPDs) that can help purchasers understand a product's environmental footprint so they can make more informed product decisions.

Intro and learning objectives (5 mins)

Effects of Excessive Noise on the Human Experience (5 mins)

Fundamentals of Sound (5 mins)

Mechanical Considerations (10 mins)

Sound Absorption (15 mins)

Reverberation (15 mins)

Summary with Q and A (5 mins)

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CEU Events: An Introduction to High Performance Coatings Systems

While larger industrial structures such as power plants, oil rigs and pipelines, and other facilities may come to mind when discussing high-performance coatings, they are by no means the only places these coatings are used. Chances are good that through the course of a day, you have come into contact with several high-performance coating systems without thinking about what the material is or why it is important. This CEU will increase your general awareness of not only what high-performance coatings are and where they are used, but also to introduce factors that influence performance, service life, and selection.

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CEU Events: Ancient Design Principles for the Modern Day

Ancient Design Principles for the Modern Day looks to the past in order to pave way for a more sustainable future. In this course, we’ll investigate the design universality of four historical cultures across space and time. Explore how past relationships to color, wellness and ecology can ignite modern designs that not only sustains future generations, but continues the legacy of timeless inspiration.

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CEU Events: Capturing Light - An Introduction to Lighting Resins

While utilizing principles of lighting in nature, this course will educate participants on creating dramatic, beautiful, and effective illuminated features in the built environment. They will be able to seek appropriate lighting sources and techniques for their applications by understanding lighting color temperatures and color rendering while minimizing power consumption, improving sustainability, and maximizing the evenness of the lighting. They will also have a working knowledge of how material choices and diffusion impact their lighting decisions, and how all elements of the entire feature must work together to accomplish their design vision.

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CEU Events: Cementitious Wood Fiber for Structural and Acoustical Roof Deck

The selection and specification of cementitious wood fiber (CWF) roof decks in combination with CWF wall treatments can help make projects more sustainable while enhancing the aesthetic and acoustics of challenging large volume spaces. This CES program will inform and educate the professional designer and specifier of how CWF roof decks can be utilized in design as an alternative to other roof deck options that form the building envelope and the foundation for an effective roof assembly in all climate zones. Participants will learn the product attributes of cementitious wood fiber materials and how product attributes like size, R value, fire performance help to create a safe, visual pleasing and acoustical environment to meet recommended standards for learning environments. They will also gain understanding of carbon reduction and how use of CWF decks can help speed construction as well as the products contributions to LEED certification.

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CEU Events: Color and Paint in Environments for the Aging

This course provides an overview of the changes in color perception because of aging or disease. This course examines the various types of common care environments available for the elderly and features a discussion on the application of low- VOC, durable, high-quality paint, and appropriate color usage to facilitate wayfinding.

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CEU Events: Color Foundations

What is the impact of color on overall design? How can we use it strategically when designing a room? In Color Foundations, we will examine the roots of color theory, master the basic color terminology and explore how colors interact with each other. We will also explore the "superpowers" of color and how to apply them when choosing colors for a project.

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CEU Events: Color Trends Throughout History, Featuring a Look at the Colors of 2020

The social, economic, and cultural climate has an impact on each generation. These events influence the mood, whether it be upbeat, like the roaring 20s or somber as in times of uncertainty. You see it reflected in architecture, interior design, and most notably in color. In this CEU, we will take a step back to evaluate color trends throughout history and discuss how trends tend to resurface in ways that feel new or fresh for the given period.

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CEU Events: Creating Places to Belong: The Value of Culture and Connection

Explore the transformative impact of fostering a culture of belonging in the workplace. This course examines the trends driving the demand for inclusive environments and how a strong sense of belonging can benefit both organizations and their employees. By connecting the dots between organizational culture, human needs, and sensory design, you will learn how to create spaces that not only meet practical requirements but also resonate on a deeper emotional level. Gain insights and strategies to cultivate an atmosphere where everyone feels valued and engaged, leading to improved morale, productivity, and overall well-being.

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CEU Events: Creating Secure Environments with Metal Security Ceiling Systems

This seminar provides an education on security metal ceilings and the applications where they are used. This seminar will discuss the key design elements of security metal ceilings, including tamper-evident and tamper-proof systems, and will evaluate the appropriate level of security ceilings required. Participants will examine key performance attributes including acoustics and accessibility and will analyze the installation of the metal security systems, including how to accommodate for fixture integration within the secure ceiling.

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CEU Events: Creating Wellness-Focused Spaces Perfect for Entertaining

Home has always been a place where people can find comfort and peace in their day-to-day lives. This is especially heightened with the healing presence of family and friends. With the home acting as a sanctuary for your client and their loved ones, it’s become more important to consider how health and wellness can be designed into the bigger picture of homes now and in the future. This course will explore environmental wellness trends and the ways that wellness, hosting, and design can work hand in hand to create a thoughtful space with the latest products that support these trends, such as refrigeration solutions.

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CEU Events: Designing Rooms for Acoustics

Explore the impact of acoustic design on effective communication and occupant well-being. This course reveals the crucial role of reverberation in establishing optimal conditions and examines the significance of the Noise Reduction Coefficient (NRC) in attaining acoustic excellence. Gain insights into how the strategic utilization of acoustic materials and configurations can enhance NRC values, highlighting the nuanced measure of absorption per square foot to create functional and comfortable spaces.

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