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In person learning sessions

AWMAC: Taking Your Architectural Woodwork To The Next Level



AWMAC's Free Lunch and Learn Presentation is tailor-made for Architectural & Design firms that specify architectural woodwork for their projects. This one hour presentation gives participants the chance to learn about the standards manual - NAAWS: North American Architectural Woodwork Standards.

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Canada Masonry Design Centre: Intro to Masonry Contracts and Detailing




An introduction to the basics of masonry that will help build/update specifications and general understanding. Also covers some basics of partition wall detailing and the individual components and functions with a masonry veneer cavity wall.

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CEU Events: An Introduction to Building Product Transparency

This course is an introduction to building product transparency, which is the practice of disclosing detailed information about products and services, including the raw materials they contain, where they came from, and how they were produced. The course will explore the impact of building materials on the environment, drivers of product transparency, and the different transparency tools such as Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs) and Health Product Declarations (HPDs) that can help purchasers understand a product's environmental footprint so they can make more informed product decisions.

Intro and learning objectives (5 mins)

Effects of Excessive Noise on the Human Experience (5 mins)

Fundamentals of Sound (5 mins)

Mechanical Considerations (10 mins)

Sound Absorption (15 mins)

Reverberation (15 mins)

Summary with Q and A (5 mins)

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CEU Events: An Introduction to High Performance Coatings Systems

While larger industrial structures such as power plants, oil rigs and pipelines, and other facilities may come to mind when discussing high-performance coatings, they are by no means the only places these coatings are used. Chances are good that through the course of a day, you have come into contact with several high-performance coating systems without thinking about what the material is or why it is important. This CEU will increase your general awareness of not only what high-performance coatings are and where they are used, but also to introduce factors that influence performance, service life, and selection.

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CEU Events: Color and Paint in Environments for the Aging

This course provides an overview of the changes in color perception because of aging or disease. This course examines the various types of common care environments available for the elderly and features a discussion on the application of low- VOC, durable, high-quality paint, and appropriate color usage to facilitate wayfinding.

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CEU Events: Color Foundations

What is the impact of color on overall design? How can we use it strategically when designing a room? In Color Foundations, we will examine the roots of color theory, master the basic color terminology and explore how colors interact with each other. We will also explore the "superpowers" of color and how to apply them when choosing colors for a project.

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CEU Events: Color Trends Throughout History, Featuring a Look at the Colors of 2020

The social, economic, and cultural climate has an impact on each generation. These events influence the mood, whether it be upbeat, like the roaring 20s or somber as in times of uncertainty. You see it reflected in architecture, interior design, and most notably in color. In this CEU, we will take a step back to evaluate color trends throughout history and discuss how trends tend to resurface in ways that feel new or fresh for the given period.

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CEU Events: Discovering the Power of Transformational Leadership

In a global, competitive world, it’s not the strongest or most intelligent that survive, but the one most adaptable to change. However, in our work organizations most people are resistant to change. The good news is that each of us has the ability to drive change regardless of our position because transformational leadership is about choice. Through this course, you will learn how to lead change and become a transformational leader. It all starts with creating a vision and learning how to influence support from team members. You will then learn how to lead by example, which will drive commitment and accountability from your team members. By the end of this course, you will discover how improving your thinking positively impacts your behavior, which ultimately leads to extraordinary results and culture change.

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CEU Events: Exploring Exteriors: The Use of Ultra Compact Surfaces



This course focuses on Ultracompact surfacing for hardscape projects as its versatility and durability make them a practical choice for a wide range of residential and commercial applications. With technological advances in manufacturing, this superior material is a must to consider with its improved aesthetic and durability benefits. This course will uncover green manufacturing strategies that promote sustainability to our environment. Finally, participants will review case studies understanding application usage while learning the performance attributes.

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CEU Events: Exterior Grade Design: An Architect's Guide to Using Polymers Outdoors

The course provides an overview of engineered resins utilized for exterior building projects and applications. Important details on the evolution, the performance characteristics and the design options that resins bring to an exterior project are discussed and demonstrated. The program contains a selection of example applications where resins have been employed to complete high-performing and high-design exterior projects that are difficult to achieve with traditional building materials.

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CEU Events: Fire and Sound in Multi-Family Floors


This program will explore various design parameters in gypsum underlayments and floor/ceiling assemblies including sound performance, fire resistance, aesthetics and installation methods. Case studies will be used to demonstrate design options, solutions, and trade-offs based on the chosen parameters.

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CEU Events: How to Select the Right Interior Paint Finish

Color has the ability to transform a room and complement the many design elements that add up to a beautiful, well-considered space. When selecting the right colors and products for a project, selecting the appropriate finish for walls, trim, millwork and other painted surfaces is a key consideration. This course provides information and practical knowledge on sheen and gloss levels, while illustrating the use of various finishes through a home painted in colors from the Color Trends 2019 Palette.

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CEU Events: LEED v4: Paint and Coatings

A comprehensive overview of LEED v4 BD+C New Construction credits – and how paints and coatings can contribute directly and indirectly to LEED credits. We will review credit intents, explain credit requirements, and explore where to find materials to meet the needs of the credits.

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CEU Events: Origins of Color & Pigment

Throughout history, human desire to communicate, tell stories, and to express cultural identity, gives us a glimpse at the need for early use and creation of pigments. Creating color was, and still is, an art. Its history is one of discovery, wealth, power, religion, trade, and science. This course discusses the origins and evolution of color pigments by looking at historical civilizations and time periods.

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CEU Events: Origins of Color: A Journey of Complements & Contrasts

New and old, light and dark, near and far – we are surrounded by contrasts and opposing forces at every turn. From simple opposing relationships to the most thought provoking and complex, these juxtapositions shape our surroundings. By focusing on the color wheel and complementary color schemes, dynamic and sophisticated color combinations are discussed. Our understanding of specific colors takes a deeper dive into the origins and meanings of each color alongside the ways color is used in various parts of the world, and how this contributes to the character and landscape of highlighted geographic areas. This journey through color culminates in the process, concepts and points of inspiration that influenced the development of the Color Trends 2024 palette, with a look at how these highlighted hues can be used in the home.

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