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  • Course Description: CEU Events: Cementitious Wood Fiber for Structural and Acoustical Roof Deck

    The selection and specification of cementitious wood fiber (CWF) roof decks in combination with CWF wall treatments can help make projects more sustainable while enhancing the aesthetic and acoustics of challenging large volume spaces. This CES program will inform and educate the professional designer and specifier of how CWF roof decks can be utilized in design as an alternative to other roof deck options that form the building envelope and the foundation for an effective roof assembly in all climate zones. Participants will learn the product attributes of cementitious wood fiber materials and how product attributes like size, R value, fire performance help to create a safe, visual pleasing and acoustical environment to meet recommended standards for learning environments. They will also gain understanding of carbon reduction and how use of CWF decks can help speed construction as well as the products contributions to LEED certification.

    Learning Objective 1 Identify how Cementitious Wood Fiber (CWF) material improves the acoustical performance of a space and describe the differences between different types of CWF products

    Learning Objective 2 List contributions of CWF to sustainable construction

    Learning Objective 3 Identify the trend of exposed structure and the need to acoustically treat higher volume spaces

    Learning Objective 4 Discuss how tune-able acoustics can be incorporated to treat spaces

    Learning Objective 5 Describe the application of CWF roof decks as a sustainable alternative to metal, concrete deck options

    Learning Objective 6 Identify design strategies for successful large volume spaces that need acoustics through roof decks and augmented with interiors