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CEU Events

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  • Course Description: CEU Events: Ancient Design Principles for the Modern Day

    Ancient Design Principles for the Modern Day looks to the past in order to pave way for a more sustainable future. In this course, we’ll investigate the design universality of four historical cultures across space and time. Explore how past relationships to color, wellness and ecology can ignite modern designs that not only sustains future generations, but continues the legacy of timeless inspiration.

    Learning Objective 1 Understand why it is important to integrate ancient principles in contemporary design practices to support the creation of a sustainable and healthy environment that enhances and regenerates the planet and people's health and wellbeing.

    Learning Objective 2 Explore how 4 distinct ancient design theories utilized their relationship to color from cultural, geographical or ecological contexts to drive the iconic historical architecture that is recognized in the modern day.

    Learning Objective 3 Recognize how the early history of color psychology influences modern color trend cycles.

    Learning Objective 4 Learn how 4 ancient design theories apply to current design practices and how to implement the basics of ancient design principles to modern interiors to enhance wellness benefits for occupants.