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In person learning sessions

CEU Events: Protecting Your Color Vision

In Protecting Your Color Vision, the key ingredients in paint will be discussed to provide valuable information on what differentiates one paint product from the next, and the benefits of using paints that are produced with advanced technology and premium ingredients. These benefits are illustrated through real-life examples and a case study that demonstrates why choosing premium paint over conventional paint will impact projects in several ways. Likewise, the importance of writing detailed paint schedules is discussed to protect your projects and bring your vision to life in the way it was intended. Finally, we will cover the influences that led to the development of the Color Trends 2022 palette and the Color of the Year with a focus on creativity and individuality expressed through color.

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CEU Events: Red Throughout History

For centuries color has been essential to the work by artists, designers and architects for its expressive qualities. The color red has played a significant role, making it a timeless hue that is as relevant today and into the future as it was in prehistoric times or the Renaissance. By understanding Reds past we can better understand the symbolism and vitality of this color and why it is a true mainstay in the artist, designer, and architects palette. This course surveys examples of the great importance of the color red through history, architecture, art history and design, while illustrating how red can be brought into the home today.

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CEU Events: Residential + Commercial Design

This CEU course explores the intriguing mutual exchange of influences shared between residential and commercial design—with the goal of inspiring ideas for your projects and spaces.

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CEU Events: Return to People: The Enduring Power of Place

Delve into the profound interconnectedness between People and Place. This thought-provoking discussion provides insight into the art of crafting spaces that prioritize inclusivity and contribute to a brighter and more equitable future for everyone, considering the profound effects of the pandemic on our environments. This course invites you to discover the transformative power of design to reconnect with people and contribute to a brighter, more equitable future.

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CEU Events: Reverse Engineering: Colonial Williamsburg

The Williamsburg palette began 235 years ago in the 18th century; this course will explore the colors of this era and how they are relevant today. From lead-based whites and linseed oils to zero VOC coatings and innovative colorant technology, paint has changed quite a bit over the years. The Williamsburg palette truly represents how the richness of history and modern research methods give us the most accurate depiction of 18th Century colors.

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CEU Events: Scuff Resistant Paint (High Traffic)

This course will introduce you to another option available for high-traffic commercial environments, scuff-resistant paint. We will explain how it works, how it differs from other coatings developed for high-traffic commercial environments, and how it helps improve all-around performance.

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CEU Events: Success in the Classroom Starts with Sound

This presentation will provide architects with a working knowledge of how current trends in acoustic design for classrooms can support improved learning environments for students, as well as increase the overall comfort and well-being of all occupants. Acoustics in classrooms should be a priority for designers as ambient background noise and intruding sounds can be a major distraction and nuisance for both students and educators. Elements to consider when addressing the acoustic performance of a classroom include controlling reverberation, background noise, and sound isolation. This presentation will offer specific instruction for architects when specifying materials within the classroom environment to ensure current standards are met, and acoustic performance is maximized.

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CEU Events: That's Her Story

This course delves into the often-overlooked legacies of female designers whose groundbreaking work and business acumen left an indelible mark on the fields of interior design and architecture. Unveil the stories of these unconventional trailblazers who, despite lacking public recognition in their time, laid the foundation for innovation and transformative change. A century later, we reflect on their enduring influence and profound impact, gaining insights into their contributions that continue to shape and inspire our contemporary professional landscape.

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CEU Events: The Advantages of Drywall Grid

This one hour seminar will focus on understanding the differences between traditionally framed drywall ceilings and pre-engineered drywall grid systems. We'll also discuss how to alleviate common pain points associated with framing flat and curved drywall ceilings.

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CEU Events: The Bright Side & Benefits of Designing with Integrated Lighting


Gain insights into the societal implications of increased energy consumption in commercial buildings. Grasp the financial advantages of integration, and learn how integrated lighting systems enhance occupant well-being. Recognize the pivotal role architects play in creating safer, more sustainable spaces. Learn how to make informed decisions, contribute to sustainability, and inspire a brighter, greener future in design. By the end of the course, participants will understand the link between electricity use, architectural choices, and occupant well-being in commercial buildings.

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CEU Events: The Evolution of Wine Storage and Solutions for Specifying in Today’s Market

As aesthetic for kitchen design becomes more refined, so does the aspect of entertaining at home. And when there is entertainment at home, it typically centers around enjoying food and beverages. Wine is an essential element of entertaining and culinary experiences. This course focuses on why using an active wine climate control system is beneficial to your clients. We will discuss the evolution of a wine storage (cellar). Define passive and active (cooled) modern storage systems. Go over the guidelines of easy specification and proper installation of the wine appliances. Understand the ROI, and more importantly, why entertaining guests will never be dull with a proper wine storage system.

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CEU Events: The Future of Kitchen Workflow & Trends in Undercounter Refrigeration

Learning how to move around the kitchen is important, but is it you or is it the layout? This course focuses on redefining what it means to have proper workflow in the kitchen. We will discuss some of the major changes that take place during kitchen renovations and how that affects the flow of the kitchen. Kitchen triangles are a concept of the past, but we all understand why it’s important. This course will focus on parsing out the details of the concept and redefining it to a new palatable concept of what we know as workflow. Finally, we discuss an important appliance being utilized to prep, cook, plate, and serve in kitchens that uncorks the secret to a successful kitchen workflow.

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CEU Events: The Human Color Experience and Color Trends 2021

Some colors may be calming and relaxing, while other hues may be energizing and lively. Colors are known to create feelings of joy, while others leave us feeling unsettled. Color has the incredible ability to evoke both physical and emotional reactions in humans that are unique to each individual, making this a highly subjective topic. By understanding how color impacts humans on both physical and emotional levels, we are better equipped to select hues for our spaces that contribute to a desired sensibility. Likewise, color is an ideal communication tool; using the many associations had with colors across the spectrum. This course explores physical and emotional responses to color that shape our color preferences, in addition to insight on color trends with the Color Trends 2021 Palette and Color of the Year.

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CEU Events: The Impact of Sound on Indoor Environmental Quality (IEQ)

According to the U.S. EPA, almost 90% of our time is spent indoors, emphasizing the importance of the materials that surround us. Acoustical design can enhance or diminish the experience of any space. This course will walk through the importance of designing and installing appropriate acoustical treatments, which may be about more than absorption; for example, spaces in healthcare, education, and office rely on sound blocking for speech privacy and clear communication. Participants will learn how acoustical ceiling and wall solutions can contribute to improved Indoor Environmental Quality (IEQ) and meet today’s most stringent sustainability requirements.

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CEU Events: The Power of Color

This course examines the color wheel and the Munsell Color system, along with other historic contributions to our modern understanding of color. You will also learn about the importance of color, how to distinguish between the latest fads and trends, and understand the impact of color in business by exploring the emotions associated with each color by using examples of successfully used color schemes in retail design.

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