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CEU Events

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  • Course Description: CEU Events: An Introduction to High Performance Coatings Systems

    While larger industrial structures such as power plants, oil rigs and pipelines, and other facilities may come to mind when discussing high-performance coatings, they are by no means the only places these coatings are used. Chances are good that through the course of a day, you have come into contact with several high-performance coating systems without thinking about what the material is or why it is important. This CEU will increase your general awareness of not only what high-performance coatings are and where they are used, but also to introduce factors that influence performance, service life, and selection.

    Learning Objective 1 Explain how high-performance coatings help control corrosion

    Learning Objective 2 Identify the factors that influence the coating system selection

    Learning Objective 3 Explain the purpose and common applications of high-performance coatings

    Learning Objective 4 Describe the benefits of a three-part coating system