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In person learning sessions

CEU Events: The Science of Color & Light

Color & Light educates professionals on what elements of light must be considered when making color and paint selections. Course topics include: Obtain an overview of the properties of color and light, in addition to history on lighting options. Discuss the various types of lighting available today and how light technologies can enhance or alter colors within a space. Understand metamerism, Color Rendering Index (CRI), Light Reflectance Value (LRV) and how these elements impact design decisions.

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CEU Events: Trace it Back: A Course in Transparency

An overview of materials transparency and how it relates to green building, and socially and environmentally responsible manufacturing. The program contains an explanation of products™ life cycle and associated environmental impacts from creation, use, and disposal as well as the ways transparency documents can be used when determining the appropriate material choices when designing the built environment.

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CEU Events: Ultracompact Surfaces: The Next Generation of Surfacing

Ultracompact surfacing (UCS) material offers architects and designers many options for both exterior and interior building projects. In this course, we will learn about the technology and innovation, including cutting-edge functional performance that makes Ultracompact surfacing the best material for all projects. We will learn all use cases for UCS and the advantages it carries over other options.

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CEU Events: Understanding the Fundamentals of Lighting Design

Lighting isn’t just about functionality. With good lighting design, you can transform the aesthetic value and overall experience of a space. This course will provide participants with a comprehensive understanding of how to design lighting plans with the needs of clients in mind. That includes going over various areas of the home to consider, questions to ask, best practices, and more. By learning the fundamentals of lighting design, participants will have the tools to deliver more personalized and satisfying living spaces for their clients.

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CEU Events: Vanguards in Color

Breaking away from “color rules” and the confidence to use color in new or unexpected ways may be an uncomfortable proposition for some, while for others vivacious color is the ideal means to express personality and delight. Using color to create charismatic interiors and exteriors has become a defining characteristic of several notable architects and designers. The impact of taking a bold approach with saturated color is explored through architecture and interior design examples. In addition, key factors to consider when selecting color such as light reflectance value and the importance of quality paint attributes are reviewed. This course also provides directional insights on trending colors as expressed through the Color Trends 2023 palette.

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CEU Events: Water Sense? Efficient Shower Technology

Not all showerheads are created equal. This course will take you on a journey that shows the evolution of the modern bathroom and technological advancements through the years. Participants will learn how the modern shower system is affected by limited water resources and government regulations in certain parts of the world and be able to distinguish between water efficient products versus ones that simply save water.

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CEU Events: What's New in LEED v4 and 4.1: Focus on Material & Resources (MR) & Indoor Environmental Quality (IEQ) for the Ceiling Category

This course provides an overview of LEED v4 and 4.1 standards for Building Design and Construction (BD+C) and Interior Design and Construction (ID+C). It examines the latest updates in Material and Resources (MR) and Indoor Environmental Quality (IEQ) credits, particularly in the ceiling category for occupant wellness and security. The curriculum covers the application of Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) in BD+C, addressing Whole Building Impact Reduction and Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs). Strategies for Interior Life Cycle Impact Reduction and material ingredients transparency credits are explored, emphasizing flexibility and sustainable product choices. The course concludes with insights into how IEQ credits contribute to enhancing occupants' productivity, comfort, and well-being through optimized lighting strategies.

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CEU Events: Why Pigments Matter

Pigments serve many functions in paint other than supplying color. Characteristics such as durability, hide, gloss, and fading are influenced by the choice of pigment. This course explores how color choices affect the appearance and performance of architectural paints. We will discuss the types of pigments used in architectural paints, how paint is tinted, and how the choice of pigments and colorants influence factors such as hide, gloss, fading, durability, and price.

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CEU Events: Wood Specialty Ceilings and Walls

This course delves into the integration of wood specialty ceilings in commercial buildings, exploring pre-engineered systems and a range of finishes. Participants will assess how aesthetic choices impact overall performance, safety, and durability in various designs. Key performance attributes, including acoustics, fire resistance, plenum accessibility, seismic resilience, sustainability, and installation ease, will be examined. The course also addresses the distinctions between solid and veneer wood panels, considering their visual impact, performance characteristics, lead times, and financial considerations, providing participants with a thorough understanding of wood specialty ceiling systems for designs that excel in both form and function.

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ELASTOCHEM: Waterproofing and Spray Foam


This one hour presentation covers the lastest in polurea waterproofing and polyurethane foam technology. It covers what it is, benefits, testing, construction details, and application.

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