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Apprentissage à distance

CEU Events: Specifying Metal Ceilings & Walls

The course provides a detailed exploration of the benefits and practical applications of metal in both interior and exterior commercial projects. Participants learn about the latest trends in metal ceiling and wall designs, including the diverse range of styles, shapes, and patterns available. The course covers critical aspects of the manufacturing process and offers insights into choosing metal elements that ensure durability and optimal building performance. Additionally, the course highlights how metal installations can enhance user comfort and align with environmental sustainability goals, promoting efficient energy use and responsible material sourcing.

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CEU Events: Targeting Carbon in the Fight Against Climate Change

Course Length - 1 Hour

In person (requires the presence of a live instructor, classroom, webinar, streamed event)

Scientific consensus has already established that increasing atmospheric levels of carbon dioxide—created by fossil fuels and energy production—is contributing to rising sea levels, intensification of weather-related events, and the degradation of natural resources. This course discusses the impact carbon emissions have on the planet and how buildings can influence greenhouse gas emissions, particularly carbon, to lower embodied carbon through more sustainable building products offering. We will learn about manufacturing transparency and the ability to compare embodied carbon values against a baseline and against similar products, which are critical to reducing embodied carbon.  

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CEU Events: Today’s Educational Facilities–Designing With Our Ears

In person (requires the presence of a live instructor, classroom, webinar, streamed event) - 1 HOUR

How do we go about designing educational environments to be healthier and better for learning outcomes?

This presentation explores the tremendous opportunity that architects, designers, and educators hold in their hands. We look at rethinking what an educational facility should be and how the physical environment can be designed to have a positive impact on learning. It is time to start designing with our ears. We examine spatial strategies, performance benchmarks, and architectural testing methods that allow designers and architects to evaluate designs against industry guidelines for sound performance. We discuss the primary function of a room and explore noise level thresholds that have serious long-term implications on learning and health.

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Kalzip: Specifying High Performance Standing Seam Metal Roof


This presentation (1 LFs) will include the following points of interest:

Recent Projects / Metal Roofing History / Modern Rollforming Process / Panel Types and Design Options / Available Materials and Finishes / Typical Details and Assembly / Role of the Installer / Key Specification Points

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RDH Building Science Inc: Best Practice Enclosure Design for Mass Timber Buildings


$46.00 CAD | $35.00 USD

Architects and developers are attracted to mass timber for many reasons, including the construction speed of mass timber projects, the opportunity for carbon sequestration, and the aesthetic appeal of mass timber construction. The use of mass timber also brings some challenges not faced by more conventional building systems and enclosure products that require the designer to apply careful attention and additional foresight to mass timber projects. This self-paced e-learning course is designed to educate the industry on best practice enclosure design principles for mass timber enclosures, including roofs, walls, balconies, and floor/soffit conditions. 

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RDH Building Science Inc: Deep Dive into Rain screens Session 1: The Introduction

Wednesday, May 3, 2023


What exactly is a rain screen wall? This session will unpack common questions and confusion around a rain screen wall assembly and the role it plays in wall performance. The presentation will provide an overview of rain screen wall design, components, and the characteristics of good performance. Attendees will learn what characteristics define a rain screen wall; how to describe the components of a rain screen wall and their functions; how to identify research-backed design best practices for typical rain screen walls; and what heat, air, and moisture control considerations are common for rain screen walls. 

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RDH Building Science Inc: Historic Westinghouse HQ: The Path to Net-Zero Carbon - (On demand recording only)



Reducing emissions through building retrofits is a central pillar to curbing greenhouse gas emissions. In this talk, Kristen Yee Loong, David Riley, and Drew Hauser will share the design journey of the Westinghouse HQ heritage building retrofit in Hamilton, Ontario. The team will discuss the data-driven process used in pursuit of a net-zero carbon operating emissions goal while addressing common project considerations such as future-proofing for design upgrades, embodied carbon avoidance, making the business case for a zero-carbon retrofit, and how carbon pricing and energy consumption impact life cycle cost analyses.

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RDH Building Science: Rainscreens: When, Where, and Why? (Video Recording Only)



In this session, John Straube reaches back to the basics of design to explore the definition and five fundamental parts of a rainscreen before taking learners through a regional exploration of when, where, and why rainscreen technology is appropriate for different building exposures and typologies. This session is introductory enough for newcomers to appreciate but detailed enough to remind seasoned professionals why we continue to use this technology and the pitfalls to avoid when implementing this design approach. Those attending the session will have access to John’s recommended reading list for rainscreen design and will have the opportunity to ask John their questions on the topic.

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Passive House Canada: ONLINE: A Pattern Language from Passive House

How to Design and Build High-Performance Multi-Unit Buildings at the Lowest Possible Cost

“A Pattern Language from Passive House” is an interactive workshop that teaches cost-effective planning and design of affordable, low-emission, mid-rise, multi-unit, wood-framed housing."


Day 1: Wednesday October 23, 2024 from 9:00 am – 1:00 pm (PT) each day

Day 2: Wednesday October 30, 2024 from 9:00 am – 1:00 pm (PT) each day

Day 3: Wednesday November 6, 2024 from 9:00 am – 1:00 pm (PT) each day

Day 4: Wednesday November 13, 2024 from 9:00 am – 1:00 pm (PT) each day

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