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AEC Daily: 3 Steps to Understanding Commercial Solar Lighting Specifications


It’s easy to be overwhelmed by outdoor solar lighting specs and components, especially when every manufacturer presents its products differently. Lighting professionals can help clients put these manufacturers on an equal playing field. Providing an in-depth introduction to the technology and benefits of off-grid solar lighting, this course explores why clients choose commercial solar lighting, what components make up a solar lighting system, and the three steps lighting professionals can take to ensure their clients choose a reliable, efficient, and cost-effective solution that meets their unique expectations.

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AEC Daily: A Planning Guide for Accessible Restrooms: Version 2.6


The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) sets the minimum requirements for newly designed and constructed or renovated state and local government facilities, public accommodations, and commercial facilities to be readily accessible to and usable by individuals with disabilities. Many projects must also follow the provisions of the 2017 version of ICC A117.1, Standard for Accessible and Usable Buildings and Facilities. This course identifies the benefits of accessibility standards and the prescriptive requirements for accessible restrooms set by the ADA and ICC A117.1.

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AEC Daily: A Practical Look at Green Buildings for Contractors

Anybody who has worked on a green building project knows that a large portion of the project’s success lies in how well the project building is built. And success may be attaining a certain LEED® certification level, attaining certain LEED points, keeping the project on budget, implementing innovative strategies for occupants, or any number of other success metrics. Many project teams put so much emphasis into the project design and often overlook how the contractor influences the project outcome. Whether it’s managing the materials and products used on-site, planning and implementing proper indoor air quality management strategies, or just overall effective project execution, the contractor has the ability to make or break a green building project. This requires the contractor and their trades to be knowledgeable about sustainability and the green building project they’re working on.

This course is aimed at contractors and their trades who are working on green building projects or who would like to be more involved in green buildings. This course will provide an overview of what a green building is, different ways that contractors and their trades can get involved, and the key areas that fall under the contractor’s responsibility when executing a LEED project.

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AEC Daily: Accessibility in Toilet Room Design


Millions of Americans live with impairments that substantially limit major life activities. The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) guarantees that people with disabilities have the same opportunities as everyone else to participate in mainstream living by mandating that public facilities and services be fully accessible to people with disabilities. This course examines the accessible elements of a multiuser toilet room. Discussed are toilet room compliance with applicable accessibility codes and regulations relating to access, use, maneuverability, and safety, and accessible design issues associated with toilet compartment and lavatory accessories.

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AEC Daily: Achieving Green Building Standards with Sustainable Metal Coating Systems


Coil and extrusion coating systems are ideal for exterior architectural applications. They provide unique, sustainable, and durable protection for metal roof and wall panel systems. This course explains the different coating types and application methods and identifies how metal coatings can contribute to a building’s energy efficiency and mitigate the heat island effect. Living Building Challenge and LEED® programs are examined and compared, and various case studies are discussed.

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AEC Daily: Acoustic Door Assemblies and Their Role in Sound Control


Sound control is a critical element in a building’s design. We all think of the walls, ceiling, and floor when discussing sound attenuation, but without the proper acoustic door, the sound-control goals in an acoustic plan may not be met. This course reviews healthy sound levels and how to test and identify target STC ratings. Also discussed are the elements of acoustic door assemblies and how they address fire ratings and ADA compliance, contribute to LEED® certification and green building, and provide security for classified files and electronic data.

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AEC Daily: ADA-Compliant Solid Surface Shower Compartment & Lavatory Design


There are some complex issues involved in achieving ADA-compliant designs in all types of building construction. In terms of bathroom design, it is important to comprehend the ADA standards in order to minimize the risk of injury and to ensure end user comfort and ease of use. This course covers ADA-compliant design requirements for shower compartments and lavatory tops using solid surface materials—from planning and design to installation.

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AEC Daily: Advances in Plumbing Design for Healthcare


Healthcare facilities are now striving to meet the needs of all patients to offer not only healthy and safe spaces but inclusive spaces, as well. Recent advances in plumbing design for healthcare facilities are helping to keep all patients and caregivers safe and healthy. This course reviews innovations in plumbing design and how they support rising healthcare demands, such as behavioral healthcare, infection prevention, and the needs of ADA and bariatric patients.

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AEC Daily: Advantages of Precast Terrazzo


Terrazzo is versatile and durable, comes in a range of colors, and has multiple applications. It can be used in interiors and exteriors and, depending on the manufacturing process, can be customized to fit complex geometries. In this course, we discuss different applications of precast, cementitious, and epoxy terrazzo and the installation requirements, as well as the ability to customize these products to fit different design requirements.

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AEC Daily: Advantages of Vacuum Insulation Panels (VIPs) for Building Thermal Insulation


Vacuum insulation panels (VIPs) offer higher thermal resistance per unit thickness than traditional insulation materials. This means a building envelope can meet the effective R-values for enclosures required by the energy codes without having to increase the thickness of the walls, roof, or floors. This course discusses how VIPs work, why they are effective, and the impact the properties of the materials used to construct a VIP can have on its performance. VIP installations and the latest developments in VIP technology are reviewed to illustrate the advantages of using VIPs as thermal insulation in the design of energy-efficient buildings. 

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AEC Daily: Aggregate Piers: An Introduction to Ground Improvement Techniques


Ground improvement refers to the application of geotechnical construction techniques to improve the performance of soils. These techniques are used when existing soils cannot provide satisfactory support of the planned structure. They improve the ground performance by increasing the strength and stiffness of the soil mass through densification, reinforcement, and/or cementing of soils. This course introduces ground improvement technologies and provides an in-depth review of aggregate piers and their design, installation, and benefits.

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AEC Daily: An Advanced Process for Affordable Green Modular Housing


At a time when there is an acute need for affordable green housing, the modular construction industry presents a unique solution. This course describes a process by which building designers and housing providers can effectively leverage the benefits of advanced and vertically integrated decision-making mechanisms while benefitting from the many fiscal and performance advantages available with a standardized, modular, factory-built housing system.

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AEC Daily: An Anthropology of Color Trends over Time


Color palettes and design styles are cyclical and constantly moving. Change is inevitable. This course highlights significant events in US history and predominant movements in design and architecture to illustrate how color trends are threaded throughout history.

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AEC Daily: An Introduction to Steel Deck Framing


Outdoor decks are commonly desired by homeowners and commercial property owners for both new and existing properties. Wood has long been the structural choice for outdoor deck materials. However, wood has disadvantages that can be mitigated with steel deck framing structural construction. In this course, we will discover that light-gauge steel (LGS) is lighter in weight than structural wood, is less susceptible to deterioration due to the elements and pests, requires less maintenance over time, is a sustainable material, and offers unparalleled safety features for dead loads, live loads, and environmental loads such as snow, earthquakes, and wind. Steel deck framing is quick to erect and provides for longer spans than wood of similar cross-sectional size. Structural materials can be easily lifted, and waste is reduced. 

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AEC Daily: An Overview of Codes and Standards for Window Design


The selection of windows and doors for a particular project must satisfy its aesthetic and functional requirements. However, we also want windows and doors to be safe, durable, leak-free, and energy efficient and meet the needs of those with disabilities. The International Building Code® and related standards ensure that windows and doors support public health, safety, well-being, and energy efficiency. This course provides an overview of the codes and standards for doors and windows, including weather resistance, durability, egress, safety, and accessibility requirements.

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