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AEC Daily: Commercial Fenestration Products: Dock & Drive Through Openings


Commercial fenestration products, including sectional doors, rolling sheet doors, and rolling steel doors, can improve building performance and provide essential building and opening protection. This course discusses common door features, hardware, insulation, installation, and optional types of electric operators and evaluates the performance criteria required for a specific dock or drive-through opening.

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AEC Daily: Commercial Restroom Design to Promote Safety, Sustainability, and Savings: Hand Hygiene Support and Beyond


Now more than ever, architects and designers of commercial restroom facilities are responsible for meeting or exceeding guest and employee expectations for safety and cleanliness. Presented here are touchless fixtures for public restrooms, how restrooms affect sustainability goals, and the benefits of taking cost-saving measures.

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AEC Daily: Commercial Restrooms Reinvented


Commercial restrooms are used in various settings, from office buildings to hospitals. This course discusses how commercial restroom design can meet the needs of all users through accessibility, universal design, and inclusive design. The public nature of restrooms requires excellent air quality, a trusted level of cleanliness, durability, and water conservation. The importance of fixtures with features including touchless technology, vandalism resistance, and water efficiency is also discussed.

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AEC Daily: Composite Engineered Solutions: Fiberglass Cable Management Systems


Fiberglass composite materials have advanced to become extremely efficient solutions for cable support systems exposed to highly corrosive environments. This course examines how fiberglass cable trays are manufactured and key factors that should be considered for developing nonmetallic cable tray specifications and installation guidelines.

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AEC Daily: Concrete Grid Pavements: Design, Construction, Performance, & Maintenance


As impervious land cover increases, so does the need for stormwater management. Concrete grid pavements provide increased infiltration rates, positively affecting runoff flow while decreasing erosion. This course introduces the range of grid pavement and erosion control applications and provides design and construction guidelines. Environmental performance is defined via conclusions from several research projects. Concrete grid pavements require minimal maintenance when properly designed and installed in appropriate applications.

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AEC Daily: Concrete Stands the Test of Time


Concrete products such as precast pieces, pavers, and terrazzo have long provided builders with a flexible range of options for their projects. Beyond their versatility, these concrete products are highly sustainable, thanks to their ability to be recycled, low carbon footprint, and long life span.

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AEC Daily: Concrete Waterproofing with Crystalline Technology


Historically, traditional waterproofing methods involve the placement of a barrier or membrane between the concrete and water. Unlike membranes and other surface systems, crystalline waterproofing is designed to make the concrete itself waterproof. This course discusses how crystalline waterproofing technology provides a high level of performance to concrete structures and what design professionals need to know in order to specify and understand how this chemical technology can improve building projects, cut costs, and help earn LEED® credits.

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AEC Daily: Contemporary Residential Lighting Controls


Lighting controls allow homeowners to adjust lamps and light fixtures from anywhere in the home without special wiring or expensive master controllers. Lighting controls can be integrated into a home for single-room, multiroom, whole-house, or automated systems. This course discusses the role of lighting in design and occupant comfort and then outlines how lighting controls can benefit occupant behavior, health, and productivity and the appeal and performance of the home, especially regarding energy efficiency.

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AEC Daily: Continuity of Control Layers in Building Systems

ON-GOING 1.25 hrs

This course outlines the importance of creating continuity of control layers in building systems. It covers code requirements, typical design of control layers in exterior walls, and approaches to detailing. You will learn how to evaluate systems to obtain durable interface performance and gain a fresh perspective on your own past and future builds.

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AEC Daily: Contractor and Subcontractor Prequalification

Online, Self-Paced - 2.25 Hours

This series is comprised of 7 courses (15 minutes each) on current challenges in the practice of architecture and design.

Prequalification of contractors is a method used to manage the risks of an open tender process. It ensures the contractors invited to bid on the project have demonstrated applicable experience and are capable of delivering the necessary quality and value. This course is a primer on contractor prequalification and describes who benefits from the process, the applicable project delivery methods, the role of the architect, the typical information requested of the contractor, and when to use prequalification and when not to.

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AEC Daily: Creating a Meaningful and Productive Digital Presence


Every designer needs a strong digital presence to stake a place in a crowded marketplace. This course presents easy-to-implement, expert advice for how creatives can craft effective websites and social media profiles that help build their brands and attract prospective clients.

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AEC Daily: Current Approaches to Sustainable Community Planning Part 2


The principles, tools, and techniques for sustainable community planning (SCP) outlined in Part 1 of this course have evolved into various approaches to the actual implementation of SCP around the world. These approaches have been developed in response to local context and in communities ranging in size and form from large cities to small ecovillages and housing clusters. Part 2 of this course describes a number of these approaches for both land and water and also suggests a means of integrating them into a single, comprehensive planning model. The course concludes with case studies of a range of built sustainable community examples and planning exercises and includes some of the lessons learned.

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AEC Daily: Daylight and Window Management with Automated Controls


Automated shading systems are designed to maximize natural daylight, increase building energy efficiency, and ensure occupants have a comfortable environment with views to the outside. This course explains how an automated shading system predicts, monitors, and responds to the daily microclimate surrounding a building to effectively manage daylight, solar heat gain, occupant comfort levels, and energy use demands.

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AEC Daily: Decorative Beams, Panels, Truss Systems, Mantels, and Column Covers


Adding wood, stone, or masonry accents can dramatically change the look of a space, but time, cost, or even structural requirements can interfere. This course reviews the use of realistic, lightweight, cost-effective, and easy-to-install options for decorative faux elements. The performance, design options, and installation of high-density polyurethane panels, beams, truss systems, mantels, and column covers are examined.

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AEC Daily: Designing a Sustainable Masonry Cavity Wall Building Envelope


Masonry is an ideal sustainable building construction material as it is extremely durable, recyclable, and reusable. It allows for extraordinary design versatility, so it can meet both aesthetic and functional requirements. This course looks at the design elements, components, and construction techniques that characterize sustainable masonry cavity wall building envelopes.

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