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Distance Learning

AEC Daily: Concrete Masonry: The Energy Efficiency Solution

Increased energy efficiency in both new and existing construction continues to be a large factor behind the design decisions we make and the materials we choose to integrate into our buildings. Concrete masonry construction can provide a wide range of benefits. This course illustrates how building envelopes constructed with concrete masonry create high-performance buildings that can exceed energy code requirements.

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AEC Daily: Concrete Stands the Test of Time


Concrete products such as precast pieces, pavers, and terrazzo have long provided builders with a flexible range of options for their projects. Beyond their versatility, these concrete products are highly sustainable, thanks to their ability to be recycled, low carbon footprint, and long life span.

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AEC Daily: Concrete Waterproofing with Crystalline Technology


Historically, traditional waterproofing methods involve the placement of a barrier or membrane between the concrete and water. Unlike membranes and other surface systems, crystalline waterproofing is designed to make the concrete itself waterproof. This course discusses how crystalline waterproofing technology provides a high level of performance to concrete structures and what design professionals need to know in order to specify and understand how this chemical technology can improve building projects, cut costs, and help earn LEED® credits.

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AEC Daily: Connecting to the Growing EV Charging Infrastructure

Electric vehicles (EVs) are rapidly becoming ubiquitous. To serve them sufficiently, there must be a massive expansion of car charging options, and that infers that planners and designers must create those options and opportunities now. This course examines the current trends in, and predictions for, EV chargers, the various types and their attributes, where and how they might be installed for maximum effectiveness, and the programs and incentives that apply to both EVs and their charger requirements.

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AEC Daily: Conserving Water and Energy: Electric Tankless Hot Water Heaters

Universal hot water availability is generally taken for granted. At a time when energy prices and sources, environmental concerns, and water shortages are increasing in significance, it is important to produce hot water in a manner that addresses all these issues. This course explains how electric tankless water heaters (ETWHs) do this while also improving health and safety conditions and reducing costs. The examination includes detailed descriptions of many types of ETWHs and the basic calculations and selection criteria for the most suitable system.

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AEC Daily: Considerations for Advanced Green Facade Design

Green facades can contribute to building energy efficiency, durability, aesthetic value, sustainability, and cost effectiveness in the performance of ecological system services. This course examines the considerations required for successful green facade installations and includes discussions on system selection, design, plant selection, maintenance, and client/owner education.

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AEC Daily: Contemporary Electric Heating Benefits


Electric heating systems have been in use for over a century, and in that period, they have significantly advanced in terms of their efficiency, cost effectiveness, safety, versatility, and appearance. Recently, electricity production itself has become more and more environmentally friendly and economically viable. This course explores how the wide range of contemporary electric heating options can efficiently and economically address virtually every heating need in every building type and thus capitalize on the steadily increasing benefits of electricity to create the most environmentally responsible and economically viable heating solutions.

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AEC Daily: Contemporary Residential Lighting Controls


Lighting controls allow homeowners to adjust lamps and light fixtures from anywhere in the home without special wiring or expensive master controllers. Lighting controls can be integrated into a home for single-room, multiroom, whole-house, or automated systems. This course discusses the role of lighting in design and occupant comfort and then outlines how lighting controls can benefit occupant behavior, health, and productivity and the appeal and performance of the home, especially regarding energy efficiency.

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AEC Daily: Contemporary Shower Enclosure Design for Hospitality and Multi-Family

Various surveys indicate that up to 90% of Americans prefer showering over bathing. In addition, there are many for whom bathtubs are major hazards and who must use an accessible shower. As a result, showers are the new norm for the hospitality industry and are often a central design element in hospitality and multifamily units. They are also often the choice and focus of seniors modifying their homes to facilitate aging in place and homeowners updating their bathrooms to increase their property value. This illustrated course discusses the three basic types of contemporary shower enclosures, their installation requirements and specifications, the wide range of glazing options and appearances available, and applicable codes and standards that inform and/or regulate shower installations.

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AEC Daily: Contemporary Wood-Burning Fireplaces, Inserts, and Stoves

The fireplace has always been a focal point in any home, providing warmth and a place for friends and family to gather. Today’s wood-burning fireplaces, inserts, and stoves have become increasingly efficient and clean burning. This course examines using wood as a fuel source and discusses the many characteristics that can affect heat production, efficiency, and burn time. New burning technologies that meet EPA certification requirements for released particulate matter are summarized, as are design and installation specifications.

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AEC Daily: Continuity of Control Layers in Building Systems

ON-GOING - 1.25 hrs

This course outlines the importance of creating continuity of control layers in building systems. It covers code requirements, typical design of control layers in exterior walls, and approaches to detailing. You will learn how to evaluate systems to obtain durable interface performance and gain a fresh perspective on your own past and future builds.

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AEC Daily: Contractor and Subcontractor Prequalification

Online, Self-Paced - 2.25 Hours

This series is comprised of 7 courses (15 minutes each) on current challenges in the practice of architecture and design.

Prequalification of contractors is a method used to manage the risks of an open tender process. It ensures the contractors invited to bid on the project have demonstrated applicable experience and are capable of delivering the necessary quality and value. This course is a primer on contractor prequalification and describes who benefits from the process, the applicable project delivery methods, the role of the architect, the typical information requested of the contractor, and when to use prequalification and when not to.

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AEC Daily: Creating a Meaningful and Productive Digital Presence


Every designer needs a strong digital presence to stake a place in a crowded marketplace. This course presents easy-to-implement, expert advice for how creatives can craft effective websites and social media profiles that help build their brands and attract prospective clients.

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AEC Daily: Creating Beautiful, Sustainable Synthetic Grass Solutions

Synthetic or artificial grass bears virtually no resemblance to its early version produced over fifty years ago. The current product is much more aesthetically pleasing, safer, softer, and durable, made with environmentally friendly materials, highly customizable to suit many indoor and outdoor uses, and recyclable and nonflammable. This course details the many sustainable attributes of this material; its benefits, construction, and certifications; and numerous sample installations.

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AEC Daily: Creating Custom Curves: Adding Interest to Architectural Designs

Curved elements, such as walls, ceilings, columns, soffits, light coves, clouds, and arches have often been used to add interest to architectural designs. This course outlines conventional methods of framing curves in wood and steel, as well as new methods of framing using flexible track systems. Discussions include options for wall coverings and trims for curved surfaces.

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