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AEC Daily: Designing with Purpose: The Sustainable Advantage of High-Pressure Laminate Surfaces

The green building movement has been fueled by a variety of factors, including effects on the environment and human health. This course looks closely at high-pressure laminate (HPL), which covers horizontal and vertical surfaces in many different types of commercial, institutional, and residential buildings. As part of a variety of other products, such as cabinetry, countertops, wall coverings, and furnishings, it can contribute directly to sustainable building design solutions. HPL products can be specified that meet accepted standards for minimizing or reducing environmental and health impacts. All these can be documented to assist in green building certification programs such as LEED® v4.1 Building Design and Construction and Interior Design and Construction rating systems, the WELL Building Standard™ version 2 (WELL v2™), and others.

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AEC Daily: Designing with Ultrapremium Kitchen Appliances for Enduring Style and Performance

 Ultrapremium appliances provide the opportunity to cook at home using the same level of equipment as professional chefs. This course explores the concept of the “prosumer” kitchen, the consumer values of the ultrapremium appliance market, and the styles, functions, and design considerations related to ultrapremium kitchen appliances.

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AEC Daily: Designing with Water

Without a doubt, the human-to-nature connection contributes to well-being and improves our mood. Water features are one way to extend this connection to the indoors. This course reviews the components of indoor water features, design options, and considerations and looks at a few case studies.

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AEC Daily: Differentiated Performance and Long-Life Architectural Coatings


Building owners have come to rely on weatherable coatings to provide long-term protection to their buildings. With an increased focus on sustainability, performance, and durability, PVDF resin-based coatings can help architects and painting contractors exceed their clients’ design goals. This course covers the key components and functions of high-performance weatherable coatings and looks at how these coatings contribute to sustainable design.

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AEC Daily: Digging into trench


Changing climate and land use patterns have necessitated a greater focus on stormwater management. The trench drain industry has developed in a rather fragmented way over the decades, with each manufacturer using their own unique reference points for dimension, load rating, and other criteria. The purpose of this course is to clear up the resulting confusion and provide best practices and a real-world understanding of the multiple variables at play on the project level.

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AEC Daily: Digital Art in Architectural Projects

While architects and designers have many choices for specifying dynamic architectural surfaces in their projects, the result of using photography in such applications has historically presented challenges. This course explores typical digital images used in glass installations, gigapixel photography, guidelines for glass transparency, and the impacts of luminosity and reflectivity. Finally, it looks at potential applications for gigapixel images in large- or small-scale architectural surfaces.

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AEC Daily: Discreet Heat When and Where Needed


Highly customizable electric heating solutions can provide either the main or supplemental heat for most indoor and outdoor spaces. Such solutions can harmonize beautifully with every architectural context and building configuration while addressing the full range of health, safety, comfort, and energy efficiency issues facing contemporary designers. This course examines the many supplemental electric heating solutions and devices available, their capabilities and configuration options, and how they can be customized to suit every unique architectural and engineering demand. It concludes with several illustrated cases.

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AEC Daily: Division 9 Finishes: Wall and Ceiling Acoustic Treatments

Good acoustic and aesthetic environments are important to the health, safety, comfort, satisfaction, productivity, and general well-being of all building users. This course outlines the benefits of and methodologies for simultaneously creating both with wall and ceiling acoustic treatments. The highly illustrated course includes detailed descriptions of the many acoustic wall and ceiling treatment options available, as well as sample installations.

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AEC Daily: Drainage-Vertical and Horizontal Building and Sitework Applications


Building science experts acknowledge the need for drainage in both vertical and horizontal applications in order to eliminate moisture issues and extend the life of the building. This course examines foundation wall, green roof, and plaza deck applications and discusses the factors that impact drainage, including soil permeability, saturation, land cover, and loading. Flow rate standards are discussed, and drainage composite mat installation is explained.

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AEC Daily: Durable Engineered Door Solutions for High-Traffic Areas

Doors installed in high-traffic conditions require special considerations and construction. This course explores the key concepts, best practices, and industry standards for selecting, specifying, installing, and maintaining durable and reliable heavy-usage doors. It details their material and hardware options, construction techniques, maintenance strategies, safety considerations, and required testing protocols. The course concludes with a sample installation.

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AEC Daily: Dynamic Air Cleaners: Improving IAQ While Reducing Costs


Today’s architects are faced with a difficult task: how best to design buildings that meet up-to-date energy codes while keeping costs down and clients happy. Developments in filtration technology make it possible to conserve energy, improve indoor air quality (IAQ), and dramatically reduce ongoing utility and operating costs. This course reviews advanced engineered solutions for energy savings and air quality for commercial, institutional, medical, pharmaceutical, and other critical applications.

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AEC Daily: Eastern White Pine: Sustainable Versatility


Through sustainable management, the forests of New England have had a remarkable comeback since the 1830s, with eastern white pine being the most represented softwood in these forests. This light, yet strong wood species has been used for generations and today, meets the requirements of a renewable and sustainable building material. This course reviews eastern white pine’s contribution to sustainability, its grading rules, wood products, and many applications.

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AEC Daily: Effective Waterproofing

Critical to concrete waterproofing are the products used in combination to create a system that ensures complete control of moisture migration. Presented here are effective concrete waterproofing technologies and how they improve the durability and lifespan of structures. Discussions include water penetration, system selection, membrane protection, and cementitious waterproofing.

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AEC DAILY: Electric Fireplaces: A Stylish, Simple, and Safe Alternative


Fireplaces remain one of the most desirable household features for homeowners, complementing a range of different lifestyles and appealing to a range of demographics. This course provides an overview of electric fireplaces, focusing on their design possibilities, flame technologies, ease of installation, environmental efficiency, cost-saving benefits, and advantages over gas and wood-burning fireplaces.

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AEC Daily: Electric Heating: Benefits, Types, and Specification

As natural gas lines are being phased out for new development and for those who want to move away from burning fossil fuels, it’s becoming critical for homeowners, builders, specifiers, and architects to understand the flexible application of electric heating solutions. Electric heat is a convenient way to reduce energy costs and provide reliable heating options for commercial and residential heating systems that increase occupant safety, comfort, and well-being. This course examines multiple electric heating options to meet consumer needs and provides solutions to common heating concerns.

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