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Distance Learning

VECTORWORKS: Coordinating Drawings With Consultants Using IFC

On Demand Webinar

Sharing your BIM with your consultants has many advantages including model checking and coordination. In the end, architects and engineers still have contractual obligations to produce a legal set of documets pertaining to a project being designed. In this training, you will learn how you can use various files from your consultants and put them to use with your architectural model to provide a fully integrated and coordinated set of drawings.Review the workflow and file exchange processes using IFC models and other useful file formats.

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VECTORWORKS: Data-Driven 3D Modelling For Interiors


With more technology available to interior and architectural designers, the traditional approach to developing commercial projects is moving to exciting levels.

Your workflow is no longer just about providing 2D drawings and details; great visualizations and smart take-offs can all be a part of your design process. BIM for interiors is a more thoughtful way to design, organize, and face today’s challenges in the industry.

In this presentation — inspired by an elegant retail interiors project located in Tokyo by designers Mana & Takashi Kobayashi, IMA Inc. — Luis M. Ruiz, Int. Assoc. AIA, will discuss how you can increase your efficiency and win more work with an integrated data-driven 3D modeling process.

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VECTORWORKS: Demystifying BIM Collaboration


Collaborating using a Building Information Model (BIM) can be done in a variety of ways, and there isn’t just one tool or one method available. These varied collaboration workflows depend on the needs of your project and the skill levels of your team members involved.

One key factor of BIM collaboration is the ability for each team member to use the software of choice that fits their tasks and can offer collaboration opportunities with others. To serve this, flexible design tools and open standards can provide ways to work with others while removing the need to use (or learn) unfamiliar software with limited, rigid workflow options.

This webinar will demystify the options for BIM collaboration so you can make an informed decision about the best method for your needs on any given project.

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VECTORWORKS: Low Energy Design Using Energos

On Demand Webinar

Current forecasts say that we may only have 11 years to clean up our act, avoid a potential climate catastrophe, and prevent "irreversible damage" to the earth (UN). Architects can do their part in this clean-up by designing and constructing buildings that use less energy with Vectorworks by implementing the Energos suite of tools in their workflow. This presentation by Registered Architect, Certified Passivhaus Designer, and long-time Vectorworks user, Mark Stephens, gives an overview of low-energy key elements such as space, heat, and specific primary energy demand, heat load, and airtightness. Stephens will highlight the techniques for using Energos in low-energy design and show how Energos can integrate with other low-energy assessment methods.

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VECTORWORKS: Rendering For Everyday Architectural Drawings

On Demand Webinar

Architects need to produce drawings that are both graphically accurate and full of information, which means that everyday documentation processes need to be adjusted to meet these requirements while saving time and money. In this presentation, you’ll learn how rendering tools and feature sets can be used to enhance the graphic quality of your designs, letting you not only impress your client, but also more accurately communicate your design intent with contractors and project stakeholders. Attendees will explore these rendering best practices through sample workflows that showcase cutting-edge technologies in the architecture industry.

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VECTORWORKS: Residential Interior Drawings: Home Theatre


During COVID times, going out to movies and theaters has been put on hold. Just like home offices are a new trend, architects, designers,and contractors have seen a spike in new commissions based on renovating and transforming dead spaces into family entertainment rooms. In a new webinar series for residential interiors, join Wes Gardner, senior product specialist at Vectorworks, Inc., to learn how you can get these projects started in record time by adopting a new approach to producing drawings and takeoffs. If you are already familiar with digital drafting and have started integrating 3D modeling into your daily workflow, then this is the webinar for you.

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VECTORWORKS: Simplify Your Process: From Sketch To BIM

On Demand Webinar

Adopting a 3D process is undeniably profitable in terms of your workflow and the success of your business. However, the path from buying software to realizing a ROI can be steep. Join us and discover how firms are flattening the BIM learning curve as they transition from 2D drafting to 3D design. We will explore how misconceptions about the 3D environment can lead to challenges in adopting BIM, and how to more effectively connect design workflows, streamline project delivery, and win more work.

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VECTORWORKS: Sustainable Resources for Small-Scale BIM


The Vectorworks Embodied Carbon Calculator provides you with the ability to assess embodied carbon emissions through a project’s lifecycle. During the webinar, attendees will hear of standards, guidance, and legislation that drive the embodied carbon to the front of the sustainable construction conversation. 

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VECTORWORKS: The Rise Of Temporary And Pop-Up Architecture

On Demand Webinar

There is an increasing need for structure, display, enclosure, or interactive space that can be temporary, flexible, and adaptable for different people, uses, or times. This temporary architecture, sometimes referred to as "pop-up architecture," allows for great creativity and potential time and cost savings during the construction process. This webinar will look at some ways pop-up architecture has been developed, used, and admired around the world.

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VECTORWORKS: The Why And How Of BIM Implementation

On Demand Webinar

Building Information Modeling continues to become the industry standard, with many projects now requiring the delivery of BIM files. However, considering the implications of a BIM workflow only after starting said projects can lead to serious issues, which is why this presentation will expand upon the planning processes needed to adopt BIM in your firm. Attendees will also examine what a successful BIM transition looks like in practice through example case studies, exploring both why and how firms are already growing their businesses with BIM.

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VECTORWORKS: Transforming Your Workflow For Interior Projects

On demand Webinar

Even though interior architecture is often perceived as an after-thought, many architectural firms are now focused on adaptive re-use projects and developing inspiring interiors portfolios. Follow along with Eastlake Studio's journey to transform their approach to design by adopting new 3D workflows to take their creative process in new directions. In this webinar, Luis M. Ruiz, Int. Assoc. AIA, and his guest presenter Nicole Tabata, AIA, director architect at Eastlake Studio, will explore how to transition from a traditional 2D workflow to a fully integrated data-driven 3D modeling process.

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VECTORWORKS: Understanding Your Project’s Carbon Footprint

ONLINE - Instructor-led distance education

The Vectorworks Embodied Carbon Calculator provides you with the ability to assess embodied carbon emissions through a project’s lifecycle. The analysis looks at individual materials, a project’s lifecycle stages, and benchmarks for set targets.

During the webinar, attendees will hear of standards, guidance, and legislation that drive the embodied carbon to the front of the sustainable construction conversation. Stefanovic will demonstrate assessing the carbon footprint of a design with built-in tools that enable regular evaluations during the design process. With the Vectorworks Embodied Carbon Calculator, you’ll have the power to gather metrics and make informed decisions as you look to achieve carbon-reducing targets.

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Vectorworks: What We Learned Transitioning to BIM


An esteemed architecture firm, McFarland Marceau Architects, switched to a BIM workflow, all while maintaining good service, high-quality projects, efficiency, and value. Join two of the firm’s architects, Charles Britton, AIBC, LEED, g.a., and Jordi Ashworth, AIBC, MRAIC, Passive House desginer, for a retrospective webinar on what the team learned when transitioning to the game-changing workflow.

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EN LIGNE: La voie vers la certification en conception ou en conseil de Maison Passive – Sep 2023

Conception et construction de maisons passives (120A)

Jour 1-2: vendredi 22 septembre & vendredi 29 septembre, 2023 – 9h00 à 13h00 (ET)

Jour 3-4: vendredi 6 octobre & vendredi 13 octobre, 2023 – 9h00 à 13h00 (ET)

Jour 5-6: vendredi 20 octobre & vendredi 27 octobre, 2023 – 9h00 à 13h00 (ET)

Jour 7-8: mercredi 3 novembre & vendredi 10 novembre, 2023 – 9h00 à 13h00 (ET)

Ce cours traite des éléments techniques, économiques et politiques des bâtiments suivant la norme Maison Passive. Les participants apprendront à mettre les principes de Maison Passive en pratique dans le contexte de la physique des bâtiments, des fenêtres et des dispositifs mécaniques. De nombreuses études de cas (domestiques et internationales) serviront à démontrer les meilleures pratiques actuelles et à enseigner les concepts d’évaluation des coûts. Les participants auront également l’occasion de consolider ce qu’ils apprennent à l’aide d’exercices interactifs tout au long du cours.

- Science du bâtiment et utilisation de l’énergie, aperçu des principes de la maison passive

- Analyse approfondie des techniques de conception et de construction de l’isolation et de l’étanchéité à l’air

- Principes de pont thermique, élimination des ponts thermiques grâce à une meilleure conception et construction

- Emplacement et construction des fenêtres, composants et efficacité des fenêtres

- Principes de conception, composants, distribution et fonctionnement du système de ventilation

- Chauffage et refroidissement d’un bâtiment de maison passive, principes de conception, composants, distribution et fonctionnement

- Aspects économiques de la conception et de la construction de maisons passives, réduction des coûts et des risques, commercialisation

- Assurance qualité et tests

- Processus de certification des bâtiments

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