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  • Course description: AEC Daily: Air Curtains: Energy Savings, Indoor Air Quality, and Occupant Wellness

    Air curtain units (ACUs) provide a controlled airstream across a door or opening, creating a seamless barrier between two distinct spaces while enabling smooth, uninterrupted traffic flow. Air curtains fulfill numerous purposes and provide building owners with significant energy savings. This course examines how air curtains work and how they reduce whole-building energy consumption and contribute to occupant wellness and safety. The role of air curtains in limiting the infiltration of insects, pathogens, and outside pollutants while maintaining thermal comfort and good indoor air quality is explained. ACU selection and installation considerations are also discussed.

    Describe air curtain unit types, components, and operations and how they can reduce a building’s energy consumption, improve occupants’ working and living conditions, and contribute to sustainable urban development.

    Recognize the relationship between employing air curtains and applicable building codes, test standards, and green standards and certifications.

    Examine how air curtains contribute to electrification and enhance sustainability by reducing energy consumption.

    Identify the multiple purposes and applications of air curtains that contribute to sustainability and wellness, from limiting the inflow of outside pollutants to inhibiting the spread of airborne pathogens in indoor spaces.

    Identify the challenges to indoor air quality and how air curtains can improve it in a lasting manner.

    Recall installation and selection considerations and the available industry resources for air curtains.