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CEU Events

CEU Events is a leading continuing education platform for companies, associations, and professionals who provide educational programs in the design, architecture and construction industries.
  • Contact: Martin Siwy - President
  • Téléphone: (213) 787-7165.
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  • Course description: CEU Events: Targeting Carbon in the Fight Against Climate Change

    Course Length - 1 Hour

    In person (requires the presence of a live instructor, classroom, webinar, streamed event)

    Scientific consensus has already established that increasing atmospheric levels of carbon dioxide—created by fossil fuels and energy production—is contributing to rising sea levels, intensification of weather-related events, and the degradation of natural resources. This course discusses the impact carbon emissions have on the planet and how buildings can influence greenhouse gas emissions, particularly carbon, to lower embodied carbon through more sustainable building products offering. We will learn about manufacturing transparency and the ability to compare embodied carbon values against a baseline and against similar products, which are critical to reducing embodied carbon.  

    Course Length - 1 Hour

    In person (requires the presence of a live instructor, classroom, webinar, streamed event)


    Learning Objectives

    Acknowledge the major impact that building operations and building products are making on climate change.

    Recognize how embodied carbon impacts buildings.

    Identify ways that manufacturers are addressing the need for sustainable building products, and the information available to specifiers.

    Realize the key role that architects play in driving market change and the adoption of lower carbon building materials.