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AEC Daily Corporation

AEC Daily is one of the largest providers of continuing education (CE) to the Construction, Architectural, Interior Design and Engineering communities. Complimentary courses are available 24 hours per day, 7 days per week, with automated credit reporting to numerous organizations across the United States and Canada. Architects, Engineers, Interior Designers and other Construction Professionals rely on AEC Daily to maintain their accreditation and keep them up-to-date with new products and technologies.
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  • Course description: AEC Daily: Decorative Beams, Panels, Truss Systems, Mantels, and Column Covers


    Adding wood, stone, or masonry accents can dramatically change the look of a space, but time, cost, or even structural requirements can interfere. This course reviews the use of realistic, lightweight, cost-effective, and easy-to-install options for decorative faux elements. The performance, design options, and installation of high-density polyurethane panels, beams, truss systems, mantels, and column covers are examined.



    Learning Objectives

    Summarize the design advantages as well as the aesthetic and cost benefits of utilizing high-density polyurethane faux panels, beams, truss systems, mantels, and column covers.

    Justify using high-density, closed-cell polyurethane products as valid alternatives to wood, brick, and stone products and discuss their resistance to weathering, termites and carpenter ants, and mold.

    List suitable applications for faux products, noting that different products have different fire ratings and that products with Class A fire ratings can be used in accordance with national building codes, NFPA, and regional/local fire codes.

    Outline the installation processes for faux panels, beams, column covers, and other products that ensure the safety of the installer and subsequent building users and occupants.