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RDH Building Science Inc.

RDH Building Science Inc. integrates building science engineering, architecture, and construction management to optimize the performance of the building enclosure. By applying our expertise to building projects and offering training and education opportunities, we help clients and the industry make informed decisions that lead to durable, efficient, and low-carbon buildings.
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  • Course description: RDH Building Science: Rainscreens: When, Where, and Why? (Video Recording Only)



    In this session, John Straube reaches back to the basics of design to explore the definition and five fundamental parts of a rainscreen before taking learners through a regional exploration of when, where, and why rainscreen technology is appropriate for different building exposures and typologies. This session is introductory enough for newcomers to appreciate but detailed enough to remind seasoned professionals why we continue to use this technology and the pitfalls to avoid when implementing this design approach. Those attending the session will have access to John’s recommended reading list for rainscreen design and will have the opportunity to ask John their questions on the topic.




    Learning Objectives

    1. Describe a rainscreen and its five fundamental parts.

    2. Discuss when and where rainscreens are used.

    3. Identify common errors made when designing and installing a rainscreen.

    4. Explain how continuous insulation impacts rainscreen design.