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CEU Events

CEU Events is a leading continuing education platform for companies, associations, and professionals who provide educational programs in the design, architecture and construction industries.
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  • Course Description: CEU Events: Color Trends Throughout History, Featuring a Look at the Colors of 2020

    The social, economic, and cultural climate has an impact on each generation. These events influence the mood, whether it be upbeat, like the roaring 20s or somber as in times of uncertainty. You see it reflected in architecture, interior design, and most notably in color. In this CEU, we will take a step back to evaluate color trends throughout history and discuss how trends tend to resurface in ways that feel new or fresh for the given period.

    Learning Objective 1 Recognize the color-related similarities, differences and patterns that emerge between time periods.

    Learning Objective 2 Identify the key colors associated with historical periods from 1880 to the present.

    Learning Objective 3 Understand how the most prevalent colors used during a time period relate to the social and cultural climate.

    Learning Objective 4 Discuss how the color preferences of the past can help us anticipate future color trends and why these trends are relevant for the given period.