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  • Course Description: CEU Events: Color and Paint in Environments for the Aging

    This course provides an overview of the changes in color perception because of aging or disease. This course examines the various types of common care environments available for the elderly and features a discussion on the application of low- VOC, durable, high-quality paint, and appropriate color usage to facilitate wayfinding.

    Learning Objective 1 Discuss the growth of the aging population and the common health problems they face specifically as it relates to vision.

    Learning Objective 2 Recognize the ways these health problems alter or interfere with color perception.

    Learning Objective 3 Understand the types of common care environments for the elderly.

    Learning Objective 4 Describe the ways color can help facilitate the quality of life, navigation, and orientation for the aging population.

    Learning Objective 5 Summarize how premium, low VOC paint can offer durability