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  • Course Description: AEC Daily: When Sound Control Matters: Floor Underlayment Solutions

    Sound abatement products are not just a building owner and occupant preference; minimum sound abatement ratings are required by many local building codes for multistory residential, commercial, and multipurpose buildings. Following an introduction to the basics of sound, this course presents a summary of the most common sound control methods, with a focus on the options available for floor underlayment.

    Explain building acoustics, including how sound travels and the importance of and requirements for controlling sound to prevent detrimental effects on occupants.

    List the ASTM test methods used to determine the sound performance of an assembly.

    Describe techniques to control excess noise that negatively affects building occupant well-being, including blocking and absorbing sound and addressing flanking paths.

    Compare the types and features of floor underlayment for impact sound control that is essential for occupant comfort.

    Discuss considerations, installation tips, and general guidelines for installing floor underlayment for sound control.