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  • Course Description: AEC Daily: Vibration Isolation Solutions for Mechanical Systems


    The operation of mechanical equipment generates vibration and noise, which, if left untreated, can damage the building structure and the equipment itself and be a source of discomfort for building occupants. This course examines HVAC equipment vibration and the specification of isolation solutions. It provides discussions on each of the ASHRAE isolator and base types and describes some acoustical floor treatments.



    Learning Objective

    Define vibration and explain how it is transmitted into the building structure and the subsequent impacts it has on the building and its occupants.

    Discuss why operational weight and floor deflection must be considered in the isolator selection process to ensure effective vibration mitigation.

    Identify the types of ASHRAE isolators and bases and their suitable applications and describe how restrained isolators are designed to limit vertical and horizontal movement in wind and seismic events.

    Recall acoustical floor treatments that can be used alongside vibration isolation to alleviate airborne equipment noise and prevent its transmission into adjacent spaces.