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  • Course Description: AEC Daily: Vinyl: The High-Performing Choice for Healthcare


    Healthcare environments require high-performance, durable, and sustainable materials to meet the ever-increasing demands for the health and safety of patients and staff. Vinyl provides a reliable and proven solution that supports infection control measures, the need for long-lasting products, and the replacement of infrastructure that supports health and wellness, clean water, reduced carbon footprint, and long product service life. Vinyl is a material of choice for interiors as well as the core and shell of healthcare buildings. Chemistry and formulations are part of successful product performance; utilizing life cycle approaches to product selection, meeting owner project requirements, and supporting criteria within green building certifications are all part of the vinyl story.



    Learning Objectives:

    Provide material science and performance characteristics of vinyl in healthcare applications.

    Describe a performance-based, multiple-attribute approach to healthcare material and product selection.

    Discuss the healthcare programming process and development of owner project requirements related to sustainability, health, and wellness.

    Utilize collaborative resources for maximizing health and wellness and sustainable solutions in healthcare settings.